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Jewelry Repair

At William and Son Jewellers, we aim to ensure that your jewelry is well cared for which is why our team of master craftsmen ensures that every piece of jewelry is carefully inspected to determine the best options for repair. Whether it’s a bent or broken prong to a cracked ring, your jewelry piece will be repaired in-house at the highest quality standards.

Ring Sizing

Not sure about your ring size? One of our jewelry consultants will gladly help you find the right ring size for your finger. Each finger can vary slightly and the width of the ring, as well as the number of rings being worn together, will determine the exact size needed. At William and Son Jewellers, we have both wide and thin ring sizing options for you to try on. If you’re purchasing the ring as a gift, we can measure one of their pre-existing rings to get an idea of the right size and we can always adjust the sizing to their finger once it has been gifted to them.

Stone Replacement

We understand the disappointment and frustration of losing a precious stone or diamond or learning that one has been damaged. This is why we make every effort to acquire the perfect replacement even if your precious stone is unique. After we find the right replacement for your piece, our jewelers will ensure its integrity by checking everything from prongs to channels to other metals holding your stone in place.

Jewelry Appraisal

At William and Son Jewellers, we know that every piece of jewelry goes far beyond the price tag which is why we gather every bit of information on your piece so you’ll have a greater chance in receiving an exact replacement. Our jewelry experts collect market data reflecting current retail prices on the color, cut, clarity and carat weight or millimeter dimensions for your diamonds or gemstones including the craftsmanship of your jewelry piece. This appraisal makes sure that in case of loss, theft or damage your insurance company will grant you an equal replacement.

Jewelry Cleaning

Our team is well trained in the nature of delicate materials and gemstones which is why we take great care while working on your precious items. Stop by anytime to take advantage of our jewelry cleaning services.

Pearl Restringing

Fine cultured pearls are strung on silk thread with a knot between each pearl to prevent them from rubbing together and cascading onto the floor in the case that the neckless breaks. If a space between these knots becomes visible then this is a sign that your pearls need to be restrung. At William and Son Jewellers we offer cleaning and restringing of pearls and other pearl jewlery pieces.

Watch Battery Replacement

At William and Son Jewelers, we specialize in providing efficient and reliable watch battery replacement services. Our team of skilled craftsmen utilizes a perfect blend of traditional techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure seamless battery installations for all watch brands. Whether you own an Omega, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Hermes, Bucherer, Chopard, or Movado timepiece, our dedicated professionals will swiftly replace your watch battery, ensuring that your timepiece continues to function flawlessly. Trust us to restore power to your watch and keep you on time, every time.

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